The Diana Foundation is focused on assisting and supporting the needs of the gay community, by distributing funds to organizations that are dedicated to providing services that enhance the lives of deserving individuals in our diverse community.
Founded in 1953 in Houston, Texas, we are nationally recognized as the oldest continuously running gay organization in the country. Initially formed as a social organization, our membership recognized many unmet needs in the gay community and began fundraising efforts to assist and support fledgling groups, struggling to provide services.  We are currently working with the University of Houston Library on an oral history project with our members to record their life experiences and their many insights on The Diana Foundation in the context of the LGBTQ community, the City of Houston, and beyond. 
Achieving 501(c)3 status in 1976, over $1.6 million has been donated so far, to organizations large and small by our members. Each year the Board of Directors accepts proposals for consideration and the membership votes on the final beneficiaries.
Fundraising efforts by the Diana’s keep true to our founding spirit of camaraderie by concentrating on annual social events that enable members and guests to make contributions, through membership dues, attendance fees to the Awards Dinner and Show held each Spring, and purchasing tickets to the Country Dinner Weekend events in the fall.
The Diana Foundation has annually donated funds to worthwhile civic, charitable and educational endeavors. Recent beneficiaries have included Legacy Community Health Services, Montrose Counseling Center, Gulf Coast Archives and Museum (GCAM), Pet Patrol, the University of Houston Library, The Charles Botts Memorial Archives and Library (BOTTS), Out for Education, and the University of Houston's LGBTQ Resource Center.
Future assistance will continue to be focused in the areas of most need in: health services, social services, and educational/cultural endeavors.
Mission Statement
The mission of The Diana Foundation is to produce the annual Diana Awards Show and is dedicated to engaging our members through social and philanthropic activities and events.
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