Leadership that Endures

In accordance with the Bylaws of The Diana Foundation, the election of all officers and members of the Board is conducted annually with nominations in April and elections in May. Our Board and Officers stand as a testament to the spirit of volunteerism, each dedicating invaluable time and expertise to uphold and further Diana's longstanding tradition of community contribution.

The tenure for officers is defined as a one-year term. In contrast, members of the Board commit to a two-year term. To ensure continuity in our board's leadership and vision, the structure has been designed such that two out of the four director seats come up for re-election on alternating years. This system not only fosters fresh perspectives but also retains experienced insights, ensuring that The Diana Foundation remains dynamic and true to its mission.

Officers & Executive Committee

First Vice President
Michael Leibbert
Second Vice President
Matthew Arp
Gregory Brown

Members of the Board

Board Member
Ashton Chandra
Board Member
Steven Bretthauer
Board Member
Lane Lewis
Board Member
Jeremy Ronquillo

Standing Committees

Membership Chair
Social Chair
Jeremy Ronquillo