The Diana Foundation: Legacy, Unity, and Philanthropy

Born from a simple gathering of friends in David Moncrief's living room in 1953, while watching the Academy Awards, The Diana Foundation has flourished into the nation's oldest continuously active gay organization. Our enduring legacy is a testament to the unwavering commitment of our members, who have consistently fostered a spirit of unity and companionship. Through the years, this commitment has translated into the creation and sustenance of impactful social and philanthropic events that resonate deeply within our community.

Membership in The Diana Foundation is a unique privilege, limited to an exclusive cadre of 100 individuals. If you resonate with our mission and values and wish to be a part of our enduring legacy, we invite you to download our membership application using the provided link.

The Diana Foundation: Contact and Inquiry

For additional information, specific inquiries, or general questions regarding The Diana Foundation, please direct your communication to our Board of Directors, who collectively oversee our revered Membership Committee. Alternatively, you can address your concerns and questions to The Diana Foundation's official email address. We are committed to providing timely responses and ensuring all your queries are addressed with clarity and precision. Your engagement with us is highly valued.

We eagerly anticipate your correspondence and hope to welcome you into our close-knit community soon.

Click on the icon above or here for our online application.
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