Posted by The Diana Foundation on Aug 11, 2018
The Diana Foundation is partnering with the University of Houston Libraries to begin an oral history project to record our members' stories of Houston's LGBTQ community and our experiences as a member of the longest, continuous LGBTQ organization in the country. The oral history project will be a part of our very own archives at the University of Houston M.D. Anderson Library Special Collections.
If any current or honorary member of The Diana Foundation would like to participate in the project or you would like to recommend someone for us to include, please contact The Diana Foundation President, Dan Maxwell, for additional information. 
Picture: Dan Maxwell, 17th President; Dean Lisa German, UH Libraries;  Tanner Williams, 16th President; and John Heinzerling, 12th President.  Picture taken at the signing to create The Diana Foundation Historic Archive to be hosted at the UH Library.