Heads Up, Houston!

The social event of the season is upon us!

The Diana Foundation's 71st Anniversary Bash is not just any celebration; it's a glittering gala of mischief, philanthropy, and sheer enjoyment, all wrapped up in one unforgettable night. March 16th is the date, and the Ballroom at Bayou Place is the place to be!
Expect nothing less than spectacular performances by Texas' legendary entertainer, Tasha Kohl, and the mesmerizing aerialist, Edward Vivas. They're bringing their A-game to dazzle, entertain, and maybe even leave you a little starstruck.
But wait, there's more! We've got a spicy lineup of Houston's finest, ready to be roasted for their playful faux pas. It's all in good fun, with heaps of laughter, camaraderie, and a bit of cheeky banter to spice up the night.
Tickets are flying fast at thedianafoundation.org! Secure your spot for an evening brimming with unparalleled entertainment, laughter, and, of course, all the glitter you can handle.

Get Ready for the Social Spectacle of the Season!

Hey Glitterati of Houston!

Dust off your black-tie best and mark March 16th on your calendars. Why? Because The Diana Foundation is rolling out the red carpet for its 71st Anniversary at the illustrious Ballroom at Bayou Place, and you’re invited to the bash of the year - The 71st Diana Awards Show!
This isn't just any gala; it’s a whirlwind of splendor, sparkle, and a dash of scandalous fun as we honor our legacy of social antics, philanthropy, and unabashed good times.
With the legendary Tasha Kohl and the mesmerizing Edward Vivas leading the charge, prepare for a night of breathtaking performances, hearty laughs, and some cheeky roasting of Houston’s finest - caught in their less-than-glorious moments.
But that's not all - as America’s oldest gay organization, we're not just throwing a party; we're celebrating a movement. A night where laughter mingles with artistry, where tributes are heartfelt, and camaraderie is king.
Tickets are flying at thedianafoundation.org. Snag yours and join us for an unforgettable evening where entertainment, love, and a sprinkle of roasting come together in a dazzling display of community spirit.
Don’t just hear about it the next day; be part of the magic.
We promise a night filled with all the glitter and glamour your heart desires, and then some.
Let’s make history together at the social event of the season!