The Spectacular "Dish & Delish Charity Drag Brunch" Benefitting SPRY

Setting: The upscale KIKI Bar, the hub of entertainment and community gatherings.

Event: The Diana Foundation's "Dish & Delish Charity Drag Brunch."

Event Outcome: The brunch was a magnificent success with "SOLD OUT" banners adorning the venue. The atmosphere was filled with energy, laughter, and an irreplaceable sense of community.

Key Contributors:

  1. Levi and Eric from Urban Eats: This culinary duo whipped up a delightful Southern Brunch Buffet, adding a gourmet touch to the event. Their expertise in crafting a menu was appreciated by every palate present.

  2. Christopher Barry of KIKI Bar: His altruistic gesture of hosting the brunch set the foundation for the day's success.

  3. Star Performers: The stage was graced by:

    • Desi Love Blake: A radiant performer who captivated the audience.
    • Alexyeus D Paris: An entrancing presence on stage.
    • Dina Jacobs: Dazzling and unforgettable in her act.

Key Achievement: Apart from the success of the brunch in terms of attendance, a whopping amount of just over $2,000 was raised during the event. These funds are earmarked for SPRY (Seniors Preparing for Rainbow Years), supporting their mission of aiding the senior community.

Audience and Community Reaction: The overwhelming response and active participation from the community not only made the event historic but also showcased the essence of unity and charity.

Conclusion: The Diana Foundation Team, with a heart full of gratitude, acknowledges the unparalleled support and generosity of the community. Their combined efforts have not only made the brunch an iconic event but have also laid the foundation for future endeavors, brimming with glitz, glamour, and philanthropy.


We're overjoyed to announce that the Dish & Delish Charity Drag Brunch, hosted by The Diana Foundation at KIKI Bar, was nothing short of a dazzling success! The energy, the laughter, the fabulousness – we had it all, and most importantly, we had all of YOU!

SOLD OUT! These two words echo the incredible support we received. Every seat was taken, every table was buzzing, and the room was bursting with enthusiasm.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to Levi and Eric from Urban Eats for serving up a delectable Southern Brunch Buffet that tantalized every taste bud. Their culinary expertise added the perfect touch to our brunch!

A massive shoutout to Christopher Barry of KIKI Bar. Without his generosity in hosting us, this event would not have achieved its glittering heights.

And let's not forget the crowning jewels of the day: the radiant talents of Desi Love Blake, the mesmerizing Alexyeus D Paris, and the dazzlingly incandescent Dina Jacobs. Their performances added the razzle-dazzle, making the day truly unforgettable.

To our community, performers, supporters, and every individual who contributed, a gigantic "Thank You." You've made this brunch a chapter in our history book of iconic events.

Cheers to more glitz, glamour, and giving back!

Warmly and with a sprinkle of glitter, The Diana Foundation Team βœ¨πŸΎπŸŽ‰