Nathan Wright
18th President of The Diana Foundation
Nathan Wright is an entrepreneur, motivator, advocate, and social dynamo. He currently owns and operates the Construction & Maintenance Service Company, which he founded in 1987. 

Armed with a wicked sense of humor and an electrifying personality, Nathan is a results-oriented individual with a “Go get’em” attitude dedicated to developing teams to achieve outstanding performance results. Nathan was born and raised in Southeast Texas and by 16 years of age, he contracted his first job. After graduating from high school, he began a career in construction.
Over the coming years, he became involved in many organizations.
Nathan served as the President of the Oaks Addition Home Owners Association he was 24 years old. During his presidency, he successfully merged the association with the Oaks Historical District.
Nathan served on the Board of Directors for the Triangle AIDS Network for fourteen years. Seven years as a board member and another seven years as President. The organization raised over $1,000,000.00 of Ryan White and State Services Grants, along with additional monies through other organization grants and local fundraising.
In 1987 he joined the Krewe of Apollo - Baton Rouge. Nathan became involved in
staging costumes, coordinating stage, set design, and lighting. He worked his way upwards through the organization to serve on the board of directors for many years. He proudly served as the Captain of the krewe four times. Eventually, being crowned King Apollo XVIII.
Nathan was first introduced to The Diana Foundation when he attended the 29 th Diana Awards Show. Several years later, Jerry Smith began to invite him to Diana socials, the Country Dinner, and more Diana Awards Shows. It was during Diana’s 54th year that Jerry convinced him to join the organization. Nathan wasted no time getting involved with the organization. Jerry took notice of his “get it done” attitude and asked Nathan to co-chair the social committee with him. This opportunity opened the door for Nathan to hold the position of chair or co-chair of the social committee for 11 out of 12 years. Nathan has also served on the board of directors for ten years and now serves as the 18 th President of The Diana Foundation.
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