Posted by The Diana Foundation
For decades, The Diana Foundation has helped support local Houston charities. Substantial dollars have been raised helping to start many non-profits which have grown and continue to operate today. Members of The Diana Foundation are very proud of the organization’s history of philanthropy and look forward to working with the chosen beneficiaries of 2016-17. 
The Diana Foundation’s Board of Directors approved the Beneficiary Committee’s proposal to provide direct funding support to three Houston 501(c)3 organizations. Organizations chosen include The Botts Collection: University of Houston LGBT Archive Endowment Fund, Lazarus House, and Out for Education. All three organizations have received direct support from Diana in past years, and represent Diana’s history of giving to causes related to education, health services, and LGBT historical preservation. 

The Diana Foundation also agreed to support two organizations with indirect support in the form of individual member donations and/or volunteering to assist with an organization’s project/event. Again this year, Diana will lead a team in the AIDS Foundation Houston’s AIDS Walk, which the team helped raise $4,000 this past spring. Also, Diana will help support a food drive for Open Gate Homeless Ministries which provides assistance to homeless gay youth. 

“We are thrilled to work with our selected beneficiaries this year,” said Tanner Williams, president of The Diana Foundation. “Our Beneficiary Committee worked very hard in making their selections, and it will be an absolute honor to assist our 2016-17 partners in each and every way we can.”

Nineteen organizations applied for funding assistance this year with requests totaling over $112,000. Williams stated that many organizations are looking for dollars everywhere they can as needs in the Houston community have increased. “Every organization that applied deserves recognition and support. As a community, we have a lot of work to do,” said Williams.

The Diana Foundation holds two major fundraising events each year which includes a Country Dinner Weekend and the Diana Awards. Country Dinner Weekend is scheduled for October 1 & 2 and will feature a Saturday dinner/dance, and a Sunday brunch. Tickets for Country Dinner Weekend are on sale now. On March 18, 2017, The Diana Foundation will hold its 64th Diana Awards, which is a spectacular evening of live entertainment and provides a comical spoof of the Academy Awards. Tickets for the Diana Awards will go on sale November 1 and will take place the House of Blues in downtown Houston.

The Diana Foundation became a 501(c)3 foundation for the purpose of enabling its members to make contributions to the needs of the Houston community. These funds help local organizations provide valued services to our community. For more information, visit the Philanthropy page of The Diana Foundation’s website at